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Magnum Stealth Force Full Leather 8.0" Side Zipper / WPi Waterproof Boots - Black (Clearance)

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The MFE858 Stealth Force Full Leather upper 8.0" SZ WPi ION-MASK™ Technology Waterproof Boot is one of Magnum's top performing boots in the Magnum professional Stealth Force footwear series. It offers the best technical features creating a boot that will perform to the highest standards. The research and development used to design this boot demonstrates Magnum's commitment to the evolution and advancement of products for the end user for over 29 years. Magnum is the original uniform footwear brand since 1982. 

Tested & Certified to AS/NZS 2210.5:2009 standards for occupational protective footwear, the boots in this collection of Magnum's HI-Tec Stealth Force WPi series are designed and developed to offer comfortable support, exceptional durability and protection for the professional person. 

Manufactured using full grain waterproof leather. The Magnum HI-Tec Stealth Force 8.0" SZ WPi waterproof boots feature a X-traction Zone Outsole with Siping for superior traction and control allowing you to tackle all terrain situations including wet surfaces,

A light weight durable Heel Stablizer Board provides midfoot rigidity and stability with full forefoot flex using Strobel Construction, Compression Molded EVA Midsoles provide cushioning performance whilst composite shank for support also allows these boots to offer more stability, better movement and control.

With built in ION-MASK™ (WPi) Waterproof Technology, M-PACT contoured Sockliners, Cambrelle / Dri-Lex Moisture Wicking Lining and Agion Antimicrobial Treatments are guaranteed to keep your feet dry, odourless and comfortable in all weather conditions.

The end result being a tougher, more advanced, more comfortable, line of boots that includes a unique combination of ten technologies that keep your feet stable and agile. These boots offer features and value for money which far surpasses any other boot in its price range.

These Magnum series boots also feature a specially designed YKK circular side zipper to assist with the fit and ability to remove and put on the boots in just a few seconds.  The YKK zipper ensures maximum performance and durability.

Manufactured using non-metallic components, makes these boots airport friendly you will not have to remove your boots when being subjected to walk through metal detectors.

Offered in half sizes the Magnum HI-Tec Stealth Force 8.0" SZ WPi series of waterproof boots come with 72" replaceable water resistant, quality cotton / polyester blend, tight weaved, semi waxed laces.

Full Grain Leather - Manufactured from the finest quality raw materials using full grain leather, the clean natural hides used in this series which have not been sanded to remove imperfections the material remains in its natural state, this process allows for the leather to retain ultimate fiber strength, resulting in greater durability. This natural grain also improves breathability, resulting in greater comfort. The finest of leather footwear is made using full grain leather.

ION-MASK™ WATERPROOF (WPi) - All products featuring this technology are waterproof. The ion-mask™ process impregnates every fiber of material naturally without limiting the breathability of the boot. WPi boots are just as breathable as non-waterproof boots. By not using a membrane barrier, ion-mask™ does not inhibit the breathability of the boot. ion-mask™ technology also offers protection against blood bourne pathogens.

What is ION-MASK™ ion-mask™ technology is a breakthrough in surface enhancement. It works at a molecular (nano) level. Applied inside a plasma chamber, the ion-mask™ binds invisibly to the surface of products and fibers without affecting there look, feel or "breathability, giving products the extraordinary ability to repel most liquids.

Originally developed for military clothing and designed to combat chemical agents, ion-mask™ technology by P2i is an award winning ultra-protective surface enhancement pioneered by magnum that offers truly groundbreaking benefits, so much so that if forces the world to sit up and take notice.

M-Pac Sockliner - Sockliner is another word for footbed. Being contoured it is shaped around the heel and around the shape of a human foot for comfort and support rather than just straight. The Magnum M-PAC Sockliner delivers three layers of comfort integrating a polymer heel strike pad to absorb shock and a forefoot energy return pad to spring the foot forward. The contoured shape assists in improving comfort and support.

Dri-Lex Moisture Wicking Lining - Moisture Wicking Lining is the top layer of the lining material that absorbs moisture (perspiration) of the foot and keeps the foot dry when in hot temperatures. Magnum uses top quality DuPont linings for breathability and moisture wicking properties. Using brands such as Dri-Lex together with breathable foams ensures minimal perspiration of the foot. Magnum uses Agion the leader in providing customized, natural, antimicrobial solutions based on silver that continuously inhibits the growth of bacteria, to mold and fungus inside your boots.

Agion - Anti-fungal anti-bacterial treatment. Agion is a slow releasing anti-microbial compound of silver ion's which increases with rising temperatures and moisture to counter the ideal conditions for bacterial growth. 

Cambrelle Moisture Wicking Lining - The Bi-component fibres in Cambrelle allow the lining to continuously adapt to the motion of the foot and the footwear, whilst providing the highest level of abrasion resistance. The lining constantly transports moisture away from the foot storing it away and releasing it back into the environment when the foot is removed. So effective at moisture management that it is fully capable of absorbing three times its own weight in moisture keeping the foot cooler, drier and more comfortable. 

Compression Molded EVA Midsole - Compression Molded EVA of different densities is used in Magnum's midsole. EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate (a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate) and is typically used as a shock absorber and provides the cushioning performance of the midsole.

Lightweight Heel Stabilizer Board With Strobel Forefoot Construction - The Heel Stabilizer Board is both lightweight and durable providing mid-foot rigidity and stability with full forefoot flex using a strobel construction. The Stealth Force series uses lightweight performance technology providing underfoot support, stability and athletic comfort as well as a more flexible and ergonomically correct fit.

Gusseted Tongue - A Gusseted Tongue connects to each side of the boot, shielding the foot from water and debris producing the ultimate in protecting and comfort.

X-Traction Zone Outersole - Magnum proudly brings together 10 advanced technologies to form on ultimate outersole. Every inch of this outersole is designed to give better grip, more stability, more support, and more traction. Siping in the lateral regions allows the boot to stick to wet surfaces. The angle of the heel and medial lugs are designed to maximise the foot's ability to control movement. This outersole has been tested in compliance with the strict AS/NZS 2210.5:2009 occupational protective footwear specification.

Non Metallic Components & Hardware - Magnum manufactures boots using non-metallic components, making boots airport friendly you will not have to remove your boots when being subjected to walk through metal detectors.

YKK Circular Side Zippers - Magnum boots feature a specially designed YKK circular side zipper to assist with the fit and ability to remove and put on the boots in just a few seconds.  The YKK zipper ensures maximum performance and durability.

Care Instructions - With heavy use, the surface of the materials may become blocked with dirty and may require cleaning to ensure the technology retains its functionality.

If your boots do need cleaning, gently apply a soft, water-damp cloth to the area. A gentle dabbing action should remove the foreign particles and fully drying the product in a warm area (not too hot) will regenerate the liquid repellency.

Do not use any alcohol based fluids chemicals for cleaning on any boots with ion-mask technology, as this will deteriorate the technology's effectiveness. Most ion-masks products wipe clean easily without such solvents.

Please do not machine wash. Polishing/shining boots will not have a negative effect on the ion-mask technology. Standard boot care products are available from most footwear retailers.

Key Features

  • Gusseted tongue
  • Metal detector safe
  • Offered in half sizes
  • X-traction zone outsole
  • WPi ION-MASK™ technology
  • Dri-Lex moisture wicking lining
  • Cambelle moisture wicking lining
  • Blood bourne pathogen resistant
  • Compression molded EVA midsole  
  • Composite shank for extra support
  • Coats barbour anti fraying stitching thread
  • Flex-zone with siping for traction and control
  • M-PACT contoured sockliner with memory foam
  • Agion antibacterial treatment and antifungal treatment
  • Breathe Right perforated foam lining to maximise breathability and comfort
  • Lightweight heel stabilizer board with strobel forefoot construction
  • Manufactured using a waterproof full grain leather upper
  • Semi-waxed laces with heat sealed tips
  • Stitched front and rear sole
  • YKK circular side-zipper
  • 8 hole boot lace support
  • Magnum Model: MFE858


  • 8.0" support height
  • Tested & Certified to AS/NZS 2210.5:2009 standards for occupational protective footwear

Contents Includes

  • 1 x Pair Magnum Stealth Force Full Leather 8.0" Side Zipper / WPi Waterproof Boots - Black 

Product Code: MFE858

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