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Hoppe's NO.9 Semi Auto Bore Cleaning Solvent Bottle 120ml

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Manufacturer: HOPPES

Product Information


Hoppe's NO.9 semi auto gun solvent is specifically formulated to ensure proper performance in today's close tolerance semi-automatic firearms.  

Hoppe's semi auto gun solvent can be used to clean copper, lead and powder fouling deposits, cleaning so thoroughly it leaves no residue. This is extremely important for today's new generation of semi-automatic firearms with close tolerances.  

Follow Hoppe's easy clean steps for quick and easy gun care, Run a wet patch of Hoppe's semi-automatic solvent through the bore following with a dry patch. Repeat this wet / dry patch process until the dry patch comes out clean. 

For really stubborn deposits, use a Hoppe's brush. IMPORTANT: When you have determined that the bore is clean and free from any fouling, run a patch saturated with Hoppe's lubricating oil through the bore to keep moisture out.

Key Features

  • Superior cleaning
  • Works great on any firearm
  • Ideal for competitive shooters
  • Removes copper, lead and powder fouling
  • No residue promoting smooth, reliable action
  • Formulated for high performance close tolerance firearms


  • Application: Swab or brush
  • Bottle size: 120ml 
  • Weight: 130g

Contents Includes

  • 1 x Hoppe's NO.9 Semi Auto Bore Cleaning Solvent Bottle 120ml


**Please Note** In-store purchase only unfortunately we are unable to transport aerosols or dangerous goods. Please view our optional range of M-PRO7 & Weapon Shield non-flammable military grade gun cleaning solvents and lubricants that can be transported Australia wide.

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