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Hoppe's Lubricating Oil Aerosol 113.4g


Manufacturer: HOPPES

Product Information


Hoppe's lubricating oil is a specifically formulated high viscosity light, pure and colourless oil, which will not harden, gum or turn rancid. It is refined to perfection to provide extra long lasting protection for all the metal parts of your firearms, fishing reels and other precision mechanisms.  

Hoppe's lubricating oil can be used on all metal moving parts and keeps rust away. It also cleans and protects woodwork ensuring surfaces are not harmed. 

With its non toxic formulation Hoppe's has become the number 1 selling lubricating oil for all shooting and archery enthusiasts, sportsmen and fishing men alike.

Hoppe's lubricating oil is a concentrated formulation and comes in a handy 113.4g aerosol with a long reach extension tube for exact application and no mess.  

Key Features

  • Superior penetration
  • Cleans & protects woodwork
  • Specific non toxic formulation
  • High viscosity, light & pure oil
  • Prevents rusting of metal parts
  • Will not gum, harden or turn rancid
  • Extra long lasting protection & lubrication
  • Use on firearms, archery equipment and  fishing reels 
  • Aerosol spray pack with extension tube
  • Will not harm wooden surfaces


  • Application: Aerosol spray
  • Can size: 113.4g
  • Weight: 175g

Contents Includes

  • 1 x Hoppe's Lubricating Oil Aerosol 113.4g
  • 1 x Long reach extension tube fitted to cap

**Please Note** In-store purchase only unfortunately we are unable to transport aerosols or dangerous goods. Please view our optional range of M-PRO7 & Weapon Shield non-flammable military grade gun cleaning solvents and lubricants that can be transported Australia wide.

Manufactured in the USA

Product Code: 1605

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