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Gerber Vital Skin & Gut Fixed Blade Knife With Nylon Belt Sheath


Manufacturer: GERBER GEAR

Product Information


The Gerber Vital Skin and Gut Knife's high-visual orange handle that features intuitive finger grooves for greater ergonomic function, this is a smart, functional addition to a hunter's kit bag.

Unique contouring on the blade and adjoining gut hook afford the pioneering knife ease in dressing big game, saving body strain and time. While every hunting trip might not produce results beyond the pleasure of experiencing the quiet and beauty of the outdoor world, the tools in a hunting kit suddenly become relevant once game is harvested.

With the right tools for efficient operation, the task of skinning and field dressing the animal becomes far less grueling. The Vital Skin and Gut Knife possesses excellent edge retention and is easy to hold in navigating the awkward contours of large game thanks to its unique round expansion along the belly of the blade.

The knife is equipped with a gut hook tip to maximize its competence in capping when the user's arm reaches an exhaustion point. Its grippy rubber handle provides brawny push and pull strength to maximize precious time and energy employed in skinning and field dressing and the high-visual Vital orange color makes it easy to spot if dropped during the task.

At the tidy length of 5.5 Inch, packs neatly into the included sheath, hooking onto a belt for speedy access and storage. Cleaning up quickly on the go while in the field and tucking away fast, the Vital Skin and Gut Knife is an easy and accommodating carry for a hunter, whether experienced or novice.

Contents Includes

  • 1 x Gerber Vital Skin & Gut Fixed Blade Knife With Nylon Belt Sheath

Product Code: 31-002743N

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