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AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Reel - Right Hand


Manufacturer: AMS BOWFISHING

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If you love fishing, you will definitely become hooked on bowfishing with an AMS Retriever Pro bowfishing package with spool, line, reel and UV bottle - the perfect prescription for getting outdoors

New and better than ever from AMS Bowfishing is the Retriever Pro bowfishing reel, the finest most reliable bowfishing reel you can buy.

This reel is ideal for fresh or salt water bowfishing for the enthusiast who needs fast, simple function with zero drag and exceptional line control. The Retriever Pro is made with a new material that is stronger, lighter and more corrosion-resistant than ever before. With remarkable durability, it also has the best accessories integrated into one single unit that produces high performance results you can count on.

The Retriever Pro's line stacks conveniently in the famous AMS line container, rather than having to hand-wind line around a spool. This eliminates almost all drag which allows for deeper and longer shots. By simply pulling the trigger you can crank to retrieve your arrow in just seconds. There is also no bail to release before shooting, just draw, aim and shoot. Never lose an arrow again.

The Retriever Pro is the toughest bowfishing reel on the market and now comes with special hi-visibility line that is easier to see underwater. You hold in your hands the finest bowfishing reel you can buy, proudly made in America. 

Some of the largest and most exciting fish in the world have been taken with Retriever Pro reels and bowfishing enthusiasts like you have found that the Retriever Pro is the most reliable, hassle-free bowfishing reel they have ever used. Welcome to the family.

Ray Howell, founder of Kicking Bear Foundation who uses and recommends AMS Bowfishing gear, says "Bowfishing is the perfect sport for kids of all ages with its non-stop action. AMS Retriever reels wear the kids out long before the reels - over and over again - from one generation to the next."

AMS Retrievers provide the fastest bowfishing action before and after the shot! No button to push before you shoot and super-fast return speed after.

Fitting The AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Reel

The Quiver/Clamp Assembly is exclusive to the Retriever Pro Series. It consists of a base mount that attaches directly to the bow riser, a dove-tailed plate that allows adjustment of the reel in any direction, a built-in quiver to hold your arrow when not in use and a "quick-detach" thumb screw to hold it all together.

With the Quiver/Clamp Assembly, the Retriever Pro can be adjusted precisely where you need it on the riser. When you want to share your bow with family or friends, simply loosen the thumbscrew and re-adjust to fit their hand size. When casing your bow, loosen the thumbscrew more and pull the reel from the bow. The Retriever Pro can be fitted to almost any bow because of this feature.

Key Features

  • Provides a lifetime of excitement
  • The last bowfishing reel you will ever buy
  • Black finish
  • Trigger guard
  • Rugged construction
  • No bail, no lost arrows
  • Perfect for fresh or salt water
  • Fast, smooth and easy to use
  • No release button before the shot
  • Zero drag - deeper and longer shots!
  • No clumsy spool to wrap up after the shot
  • Ultra-fast retrieves - retrieves shots in seconds
  • Line is easy to track and easier to see underwater
  • Loaded with 25 yards of 400lb hi-visibility Spectra line
  • Easy to track and makes seeing your line in low, overcast conditions even easier
  • Transparent UV-resistant bottle to stack line in, rather than wound on a drum or spool
  • Arrow quiver storage included to store and protect your bowfishing arrows while not in use
  • Perfect positioning with an easily adjusted telescoping clamp
  • Replacement nocks for your arrows included
  • Mounts to sight window of virtually any bow
  • Corrosion-resistant for saltwater durability
  • Completely hassle-free bowfishing
  • 2 AMS Safety Slide Kits included

Made in USA

  • Float not included
  • Available in right and left hand models
  • Comes with installation instructions and operation manual

For bowfishing you will require the following items

  • Bowfishing reel
  • Nylon fishing line
  • 5 piece safety slide kit
  • Bowfishing roller rest to launch your fibreglass fish arrow
  • A solid fibreglass fish arrow with a nock and steel fish point installed and a drilled hole through the shaft to attach and secure fishing line so you can reel the fish in after spearing it with the arrow
  • Alternatively there are bowfishing kits which includes some of the above items

Contents Includes

  • 1 x AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Reel - Right Hand

Manufactured in the USA

**Please note** Please check with your local fisheries authority for recreational fishing rules and regulations.

Product Code: AMS610R120001

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