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ADI APS450 Smokeless Pistol & Shotgun Propellant Powder - 2KG


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Replaces AP50N and AS50N.

Australian Munitions is pleased to announce the first of our newly formulated, most technologically advanced propellants to date - the ADI World Class Powders single based flake APS (Australian Pistol Shotgun) APS450 and APS350.

APS450 and APS350 are the first in our new range of advanced, Australian made propellants. Developed in our world leading propellant facility in Mulwala, technicians have adapted new processes and formulations, fine tuning the capabilities and characteristics of our smokeless propellants to produce the new APS range.

They continue the clean burning and uniformity of our existing AS/AP propellants and will produce soft, smooth recoil and excellent patterns. These propellants have outstanding metering and case fill characteristics, and ballistics that lend themselves to a range of popular loads.

This versatility allows our customers to buy fewer propellants for a wider range of applications.

A key feature of the new APS range is improved and more consistent metering, particularly against the old AS range. The grain form is a cylinder flake, which is ~15% smaller than the AS30N and AS50N diameters. Also, the APS450/350 propellants have a slightly longer mean cut length to the older range.

**PLEASE NOTE** We do not sell, accept payment for or ship orders containing Ammunition, Primers or Propellant Powders, any such orders that contain these products will be immediately cancelled. We do note ship Ammunition, Primers or Propellant Powder.

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Key Features

  • 2KG
  • Model: APS450
  • Smokeless pistol and shotgun propellant powder
  • Designed for clean burning and consistent metering
  • Clean burning characteristics that set ADI World Class powders apart
  • Improved metering and increased versatility, this is enabled via the free flowing flake grain type which is Australian Munitions’ own proprietary technology
  • Addition of new environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Australian made to meet global requirements

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Product Code: APS4502

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