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360 Degrees Furno Pot Set


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The 360 Degrees Furno Pot Set is a great companion for cooking while camping and on the move. The Furno Pot Set consists of an 850ml and 350ml pot which fit together and packs away easily with insulated folding handles. 

Hard anodising improves corrosion and abrasion resistance by building up a coating of oxidised aluminium on the surface of the pots. This also makes them easy to clean. 

The compact nesting design makes great use of space and fast, even heat transfer allows food to cook efficiently and avoids hot spots.

Key Features

  • 850ml large pot
  • 350ml smaller pot (doubles as lid)
  • Hard anodised aluminium pots
  • Integrated folding insulated handles on both pots
  • Includes scourer and mesh carry bag
  • The 360 Furno Stove, and canister stabiliser nestle within pots for packing (available separately)
  • Weight: :214g

Contents Includes

  • 1 x 360 Degrees Furno Pot Set
  • 1 x Storage pouch

Product Code: 360FURNOPOTS

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